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Hydraulic Extension Reachforks

Meijer Special Equipment Reachforks are hydraulically extendible and retractable forks, that save you time, space and money.


Reachforks allow for ‘double-deep’ stacking increasing warehouse capacity by up to 30% compared to ‘single-deep’ warehouse operations. Manufactured by Meijer in the Netherlands, they are available from 2 tonne to 10.5 tonne capacity.

Reachforks also allow trucks to be be loaded and unloaded from one side. Turning the vehicle or driving the forklift to the opposite side is eliminated. This saves time and space and also makes the operation much safer.

Options such as pallet stops, height shift systems to adjust for uneven ground or diffcult loads, and camera systems are all available for these Reachforks.

Please consult with us for your particular requirements.

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Hydraulic  Reachforks