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Whether you need a forklift for a few hours, a day, weekly, monthly or yearly Central Coast Lift Trucks has the forklift hire solution for you. We can offer you an extensive range of forklifts available on short or long-term hire options.
Rental can be a very cost effective solution for many customers for varying reasons and has the following advantages over owing your own forklift: -

greentickNo capital outlay to use the equipment.
greentickBreakdowns, repairs and maintenance are all included in your monthly payment.
greentickEasy to change machines if your business needs change.
greentickFixed pricing and easier on the budget.
greentick100% tax deductible.

Renting a forklift from Central Coast Lift Trucks has many advantages:-
1. We offer you the most competitive rates.
2. We are happy to price match from any of our local competitors.
3. We can offer you discounted hire for terms over 6 months
4. All trucks are regularly serviced, and all have regular Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) inspections ensuring the utmost safety for our customers.
5. Our expert analysis of your needs enables us to ensure you have the right truck for your business.

It's that easy so to arrange your instant forklift hire ...
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